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icon making contest for smallville fans
It is only the Beginning

Hello! This is an icontest based specifically on the television show Smallville. This icontest includes all of the current seasons from 1-8. There will be fun interesting challenges that will be held every week, featuring the events and character of smallville; even including subcharacters. Odd numbered Challenges feature a theme where the icon makers get to pick their screencaps. Even numbered Challenges feature a specific character or episode where the icon maker must use the screencaps provided for them.


How it all works:
Every week there will be a challenge posted. Each challenge states something in particular when making your smallville icons. You can enter up to 3 icons that follow the challenge. Then after the due date, we post the icons entered anonymously for you all to vote on. There will be a voting ballot for you to use and you comment with the votes. All of these comments will be screened so nobody but the moderators will see them. And finally, we announce the winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place. And for best colouring, best interpretation of the challenge, and for mod's choice. In addition, those who win in those categories will have special banners made for them to post onto their profile. So there you have it folks! :D Please Join and have fun!!

1. We allow brushes, textures, text, blending, animations, ect.

2. The icons submitted must fit the LJ standards (100x100px, 40kb, GIF, JPG, or PNG format.)

3. Please upload your icons on a hosting site such as "Photobucket.com" and when posting them to the challenge, post with both the image and the URL.
by tyffi

4. When voting please be fair and do not vote for yourself. Also please do not sign on a different username to vote for yourself either please, lol.

5. Do Not Post your Icons anywhere else, until the challenge is completed.

6. If you are interested in using one of the icons please ask the makers.

7. Have a great time and work that creative magic!

Any other questions or suggestions please feel free to email me at: sweettrickery@aim.com or comment on our LJs sparkled_pink , imagines & star55

Helpful Communities to gain Inspiration:
iconick - A Coloring Tutorial Community
icon_tutorial - Icon Making Tutorials

Wanna be a mod and help us out?
Go Here and read the FAQ. After you have read please comment below with a name and/or if you have further questions!

Got any ideas on future challenges?
The Idea Box
Comment your ideas!

The Schedule

We follow the schedule as best as we can:

-Sunday Evening- Winners are Presented
-Friday Evening- Icons are Due and new Challenge is Posted
-Saturday through Sunday- Vote for Icons


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