Batman - Poison Ivy

Challenge 105 | Superman Allusions

Hello there! This week's theme challenge will be focused Superman Allusions and Iconic Superman Images portrayed in Smallville. Idea was brought to you by luckiestxclover

Basically you must use an SV screencap that shows or represents something very familiar to the legendary story that is Superman.

Examples. Clark Kent wearing glasses, Clark Kent carrying Lois Lane, Kara Zor-El with her pose on the watertower before she takes off into flight, Lex Luthor with his kryptonite Ring, The Phone Booth, Clark Kent with his cape, The Justice League, Jimmy Olsen's bow-tie, Jimmy Olsen with his Camera, Lois and Clark's Desk Arrangements in the Daily Planet, and pretty much anything that came from the original story of Superman.

Challenge One Hundred and Five

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I will be out of town in Chicago for this coming weekend. So this challenge has been extended til next coming Friday, October 9th!

Have Fun!